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Starr Sulivan

Starr Sullivan

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Starr Sullivan


Palm Springs, CA USA




Education Families Substance Abuse




Hi, my name is Starr and I live in Palm Springs, California. I have worked in the field of addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment for 15 years. I have been a therapist in residential, outpatient and group practice settings. My area of expertise is in Family Recovery, beginning with my work in the family program at the Betty Ford Center and continuing on to manage a family program in Palm Springs for the last 8 years. I have always been inspired by helping professions and the people who have a passion for being of service to those who are looking to improve their quality of life. In my own family, we have seen tragedy as a result of addiction, suicide, PTSD, homelessness, depression and other mental illnesses. This kind of life experience can leave a lasting imprint of helplessness and hopelessness without support. I hope to inspire people to find hope and healing, as I have watched so many others do before me. To quote a dear friend, I want to serve as a guide for those seeking recovery because, “Recovery is the journey to joy”


Family Recovery: A 45-minute discussion about the impact of co-occurring disorders on the family system, including discussion on healthy communication, boundaries and grief, as well as navigating what helps and what hinders successful recovery

Individual Support: I am happy to be available for questions, brainstorming sessions or support, as I know full well that we do this best together.


I am excited to learn more about what you are doing to provide services to those who may not otherwise have access. I am equally eager to be a part of your network, sharing in the mission to support our larger community of humankind.