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Craig MacLaughlin

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Craig MacLaughlin


San Diego, CA , USA




Education Mentor Substance Abuse Therapy




Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my experiences with you. Perhaps we have the similar goals in wanting to offer others the opportunity to have a better life for themselves, and their families. For me personally, my family struggled with addiction. Many people suffered including my brother who died at age 20 of an opiate overdose. It’s difficult to watch our loved ones be destroyed as a result of drugs, and violence.

I started working with young people with a severe mental illness when I was in my early 30’s. It was disturbing to see, and experience their pain at such an early age. The trauma they had endured was beyond words from the drugs, physical violence, emotional neglect, and abandonment. Hope was certainly not in the picture. That started a long life of working with youth and adults. My primary interest seemed to be in the areas of addiction, family and trauma.

Over the years I have operated a number of programs and have found that supporting those helping others was something I enjoyed doing. Working in these areas is very difficult and sometimes we forget to stop and support each other’s trauma and grief from doing so.


Motivation to Recover: This is a 45-minute discussion on how we can bring hope into our lives and learn to choose our recovery. I can also provide a few film clips to show that might inspire the group a bit.

Fear of Living Life: This is more of a discussion group that tends to relate more to trauma and histories of violence. This session is not an intensive trauma group. It is more of a beginner’s group on how violence in our lives effects our daily choices to live life today, This group may stir up a few emotions from the past, so following up with those attending is suggested.

Individual Support: I have had the opportunity to develop and operate a number of diverse programs. I am always available to be of support to you directly, or to the people you are working with


I am looking forward to learning about your work and how I can best support you.