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Annie Gallagher

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Annie Gallagher


Carlsbad, CA


Educator Mentor Therapists


Families Substance Abuse




I feel blessed to be part of a global family wanting health and happiness in their lives and their families. Growing up in a family where there was addiction, trauma, and mental illness left me with many questions. As I set out to find answers through education, science, and spirituality, my professional and spiritual paths led me to work as a therapist for more than three decades in outpatient programs, partial hospitalization, and family programs. Studying world religions and metaphysics has led me to energy work, yoga, reiki, and nutrition. More importantly, many of the answers I was seeking were found in the stories of addicts themselves. Courage, hope, and compassion leave universal fingerprints, and healing energy is available for those who want it. I would love to support you on your journey towards wholeness and healing.


SHAME: The Original Sin – A 45 minute discussion group on shame and guilt, and how they act as a barrier to the authentic self.

CORE SOUL WOUNDS: A 45 minute discussion on how trauma can lead to addiction, resulting in brain changes and the addictive personality.


Individual support is available for both individuals and families.