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Novō Transformational Communities

Novō is a new charity which is dedicated to pursuing a singular vision – the vision of creating transformational communities in developing nations where hurting and broken people can find healing, wholeness and hope.

The first-step to fulfilling this vision will be to pioneer the first Novō community in Bolivia. This will be a pilot project. Once a sustainable and replicable Novō community is established our aim is to ‘give it away’ using a community-franchising approach and with the goal of seeing it replicated 30, 60 or even 100 times.

We want to support the Church in developing nations to respond to its own sense of calling by providing them with the start-up resources, training and support needed to launch and sustain a transformative community.


There is a pressing need for Novō. Addiction is a global epidemic and the need for residential communities, where healing and restoration can take place, is increasing year by year. Throughout the developing world many churches want to respond to the needs of the hurting and broken people and are looking for those with experience and expertise who support them to make their vision a reality.

Why is addiction a growing issue? The developing world is experiencing rapid social change (population growth, urbanization, migration, family breakdown) and with it a growth in social problems such as sexual abuse, prostitution, child neglect.

These problems leave individuals with huge deficits in terms of their sense of security, significance and self-worth – problems to which the abuse of substances provides a temporary, but ultimately enslaving, solution.


Yeldall Manor has been providing residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation for nearly 40 years and is highly regarded around the world as a flagship Christian response to addiction. Novō communities will build on the Yeldall approach in ways which fit the cultural, economic and social realities of their particular context.

Crucially, Novō communities will have an income-generating core which will ensure that each project is financially sustainable. Each resident will receive one-to-one support and participate in interactive group work designed to give them an understanding of God, themselves, addiction, and relationships.

Novō communities will be marked by a number of qualities. They’ll be:

· founded on Christ.

· focus on the whole person.

· partner widely with local churches.

· communities of love and discipline.

· characterized by grace and truth.

· promote freedom and responsibility.

The Leadership Team

Warren McCaig

Warren is happily married to Jacqueline and they have three young children, Nora, Amelia and Liam. Warren originally hails from Alberta, Canada and holds an undergraduate degree in theology. Warren has been in Bolivia since 2005 and has served in leadership and helped to develop various projects. He has a passion for connecting North American churches and organizations with overseas developments. Warren and Jackie live in the city of Santa Cruz and are missionaries with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission warren.mccaig@novocommunities.org (EFCCM).

Myron Penner

Myron is happily married to Jodi, an opera singer, and they live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with their three teenage daughters. He is an ordained Anglican Priest and has taught philosophy and theology in universities, seminaries and graduate schools in the UK, the USA, and his home, Canada. In addition to teaching and pastoring, Myron has also worked as a human development worker, overseeing water-cleaning projects in East Africa. Myron and Jodi are missionaries with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM). Myron combines his Novō role with pastoring Trinity International Church.

Andy Partington

Andy is happily married to Mickey and they have four beautiful children – Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe, and JJ. On completion of his PhD, Andy served as Director of Training at London School of Theology and then as Pastor of Trinity International Church in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. From 2010-2015 Andy led the work of Yeldall Manor, a highly respected Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation in the UK.

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