Behavioral health care for all

Communities and individuals around the world suffer from trauma, addiction, and other behavioral health concerns. Many are without appropriate access to the professional behavioral health resources they need. The heroes who serve them (our partners) can’t do it alone. They need support.

Without access to ongoing training, modern technology, and professional support, behavioral wellness is difficult, if not impossible, to facilitate for individuals and communities who are suffering. We’re solving that problem.

Meeting the needs of the ones who serve

We provide modern technology to on-the-ground Partners around the globe
When we connect with a new Partner, we investigate their situation and supply the technology needed to best support their mission.

We match Partners with clinical professionals
Once our Partner has a solid tech set up, we give them access to the clinical professionals and other volunteers who most accurately meet their needs.

We do this in two ways:
Resource Team
Our online database of clinical and other dedicated volunteers is made instantly available to Partners and their communities
Local professionals
We scout the local area for clinical professionals and other interested educators that  our Partners might be interested in meeting

We provide ongoing support
Technology fails and people transform, so we provide ongoing support to meet the evolving needs of our Partners and their communities

Global Impact

Break ground with us.
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